Backup & Recovery

CONTINUIT ® services provide a range of backup and recovery services for businesses of all sizes. From simple file level backups to complex offsite disaster recovery and business continuity plans,
BANG has a plan that suits your needs.
BANG has a plan that suits your


Cloud Services

PRODUCTIVIT TM is a range of services to help businesses optimize employee productivity. Employee Surveillance allows to determine productivity levels and identify problem areas. Enterprise class Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus protection managed from our private cloud, helps to react to the latest threats and attacks.


Managed Services

SIMPLICIT ® services is a suite managed services that offer businesses a way to simplify their IT. Proactive management combined with leading edge software and services minimizes downtime and helps businesses keep their computer and network systems running at peak efficiency.

Complete IT and CLOUD services

Customized to your needs.


” Once a Client, Always a Client “

Working with Bang is like picking up a good habit.  Whatever their area of business, clients who put their trust in us one time end up putting their trust in us for good.

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I appreciate that the Bang team seems aware that we are not techies, it is not our job in life and that if we are calling on them it’s because we need help, fast and that we don’t have time to fool around. The techs at Bang are the most professional I’ve ever dealt with

Lisa Doucet Sardine Productions

L’équipe technique chez Bang répond toujours à nos demandes en respectant les délais et ils sont toujours très sympathiques au téléphone.

Angelique Ribeiro Fibrose Kystique Québec

The BANG team is totally supportive and always ready to fix our computers, internet and connection needs.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with BANG


Flor del Pilar Arana-Sanchez Klox Technologies

You always think you’ll be able to manage on your own. But Bang has helped us more than once to solve network problems much more efficiently than we could have done ourselves. Thanks to Bang, our employees are able to do their work in a high-quality IT environment and are extremely productive.


Marcel Pinchevsky Pinchevsky & Co

What else could they have done to make your experience more positive? « Faire ma vaisselle et ma lessive ? » Now thinking about all your support experiences with Bang, how would you rate the overall quality of our technical support? (5 being the best) « 5 »   What do you feel Bang does well in terms of technical support? Please be as specific as possible and provide examples if appropriate. « En comparaison avec tous les bureaux de support technique que j’ai connus dans le passé, ils vulgarisent beaucoup mieux et n’hésitent pas à prendre en charge le problème, au lieu de me demander d’effectuer plein de manœuvres moi-même. C’est super, bravo !


Ysabelle Foisy Pharmapar inc.

Not having a full range of technical resources at our disposal, we greatly appreciate the team at Bang and their extensive technical expertise. In addition to being a skilled team that offers fast, high-quality service, they are passionate about their work, which is a greatly appreciated bonus.


Luc Despars Crown Metal Packaging




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